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Who We Are


With over fifty years of combined experience, Muddy Water Crawfish delivers the truest and most consistent flavor of one of our favorite Cajun delicacies to Houston, Texas!
From the murky waters of Lake Pontchartrain, to the Bayou city, Muddy Water Crawfish is here to add beaucoup spice to your life!

Hailing from the southern tip of Louisiana or what we call “Da Boot”, crawfish aromas and zydeco music was just another weekend for us in Slidell. Crawfish was more than just food, it was an atmosphere. From digging crawfish out of the mud holes in our yards, to helping Paw Paw and Pop pour in their special seasonings to get the water just right!  Our crawfish are seasoned and soaked to perfection, the way we learned in our own backyards

Family owned and operated, the Richard family (pronounced Ree-Shard) was eager to provide the same experience to our Houston family. We heard the people “calling” for a REAL cajun experience, and we answered...Muddy Water Crawfish was born.

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